ERS Engineering Corporation

ERS ERS Engineering Corp. is a Michigan-based corporation founded in 1982, specializing in engineering, production, and consulting services. Since 1989 we have been representing leading international companies to establish their presence in countries of the Former Soviet Union.

ERS supplies components such as cylinder liners, ball screws and round shaped forged parts. ERS also supplies metal-forming equipment, including Cross Wedge Rolling Machines. New Technologies such as Through Surface Hardening (TSH), used for case hardening to replace traditional carburization, is being introduced in the North American Markets.

ERS Specializes in engineering, production and consulting services for the following industries :
  • Automotive (on-highway, off-highway)
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
  • Machine Tool

ERS Engine


pin-yellowWest Bloomfield, MI (headquarters)
pin-redRussia, Moscow
pin-greenBelarus, Minsk (Western Technologies)
pin-blueUkraine, Kiev