Western Technologies

Western Technologies is a Belarus – US Joint Venture with long term operational experience in technical support, adaptation, warranty and after warranty servicing of diesel engines supplied by major international OEMs and used in machinery produced in Belarus.

  • Founded in 1993 in Minsk, Belaurs
  • Employs trained engineers and technicians that perform engine diagnostics.
  • Carries out repairs, restoration and servicing of engines.
  • Provides consulting services to ensure long-term and trouble-free engine operation.
  • Offers OEM spare parts and stocks a wide range of materials for diesel engines.

Service Dealer and Official Distributor of engines for the following leading world manufacturers:

  • Navistar, Inc (USA)
  • MTU Detroit Diesel (USA)
  • MTU (Germany)
  • Mercedes-Benz (Germany)
  • MWM (Brazil)
  • VM Motori (Italy)
  • Mahindra-Navistar JV (India)

western tech
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